Monday, December 17, 2012

Las Noches de las Luminarias

An annual seasonal celebration at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.  This was our first visit, but not our last.

 Desert beauty as night fell.  We were so lucky that the rains ended.

We were there from opening at 5:30 until around 8 p.m., most of that time spent walking.

 There was muic everywhere, and with every genre represented.  Above The Dickens Carolers, below J.T.'s Island Steel.
 My favorite group (I was clapping too much to get my own pictures) was Traveler.  

There is a video from Las Noches on their website for others who love great dynamic-violin world-fusion music.  

We also enjoyed the Apache storyteller with accompanying native flute from his son.

Enjoy a stroll with me . . .

Lighted hill with moon as seen from the Sonoran Desert Loop trail. 

 Whimsical statues abound throughout the park.   At night, some could look ominous.
"Spring": less frightening by light of day?

 The entrance (and exit) to the fairy land.
A harpist to welcome and to bid you "Adieu".  Or rather "Adios".

A perfect evening.