Saturday, December 8, 2012


This is where your rice comes from:

And this is where your two-buck-chuck comes from: 

And this is where your gravel comes from: 

This is where your peaches come from: 

And so many other varieties of grapes: wine, table raisins: 

 Note that it is still colorful autumn in the San Joaquin Valley while it is already winter at home.

This is where your milk comes from: 
You know those commercials, with the Contented California Cows standing out in the pasture?

Not so much.  Here's the pasture which will later be harvested to be fed to the cows.

This is where your almonds come from: 

This is where your roses of red come from: 

And yellow roses, too.

And almost every thing else comes from the Big Valley, even if I didn't get pictures.  Your steak (and you're lucky there's no way to transmit smell), your eggs, your olives, your cotton . . .

And tomorrow I will share the Oranges.